November 26, 2010

Issa show, September 2010 in London. . .

Word is out that Kate Middleton has chosen her wedding gown designer. I have been exploring the work of her choice, Brazillian-born, London-based designer, Daniella Issa Helayel, and wondering what direction she will take for Kate's bridal gown. Issa designs are fresh and innovative; some collections stronger than others in my opinion. I have not been able to find a design in any Issa collection for the most formal of events, making this mystery all the more intriguing.

For starters, I absolutely LOVE Daniella's Issa London and Design by Issa websites. How marvelously creative her staff!

A 2009 Collection, which I love for its elegant neutrality . . .

The Spring/Summer 2010 Hurricane Collection, which I love for its boldness & color. . .

And the upcoming, Issa Spring/Summer, 2011 collection: COLOR & TURBANS. . . I really need to crank out the turban designs that have been incubating in the studio since this past summer!

What WILL Issa do for Kate's wedding gown?
I am looking forward to this big time!

I hope all stateside are enjoying this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. . .
hoping those elsewhere are also finding much to be grateful about!



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