More Vintage Inspiration - 1950's Millinery Fashion

February 1, 2011

Visuals of Grace Kelly's mid-1950's wedding sent me to an archive of millinery styles to share (courtesy of my lovely daughter, Kirstin) . . .

Cloches of earlier decades evolved into the popular head hugging, brimless hats of the 1950's. This first style is representative of the turban sported by many women as more casual head apparel.


The red hat in the center of the collage below looks identical to the off-white designs seen on the runway last year. . . was it Stephen Jones collaboration with John Galliano? I think so. . .


Cocktails hats like that below were more simplified versions of the form covered in laces and other embellishments for Grace Kelly's bridal headpiece. . .

Feb_1955_Paris Christian Dior

Colorful, artificial fruit and silk flowers were pervasively-popular trims on mid-20th century hats. . .



Feathers in their natural state or dyed in earth colors were also often used to trim hats during the 1950's. The natural iridescent cock feathers used in the design below may have foreshadowed the bouffant hairstyles that contributed to the reduction of millinery arts in fashion during the 1960's.

1950s_Magazine unknown

Berets were also popular during the 1950's. You have to love the bling on this one. Can you imagine what a contemporary beret made of Swarovski crystals would look like on the dance floor? We need to make one!

1950s_Conde Nast Archive

A shallow crown and wide brim has persisted as the popular style of our contemporary beach hats. These contemporary versions, however, generally lack elegant details such as the dual brim color (deep undertone) and the curvaceously-sculpted brim.

1950s Photo by Regina_Relang

We will soon be introducing our Eve design; inspired by these vintage qualities with a modern twist . . . I am eager to shoot photos of the various ideas we have for wearing this versatile new design with or without veiling, and will share them when time allows. Let us know if you are interested!

Ahhhh, the glamour of the 50's. . . I just love it.

Bracing myself here in Michigan for the blizzard headed this way. . . hoping those of you in the path of this storm are warm and safe indoors.




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