Jahzara Saphir Bridal Show

August 8, 2014

We are pleased to share our participation in the upcoming Jahzara Saphir Bridal Show on Sunday, August 24th at the St. Clement Banquet Hall in Dearborn, MI.  Breeziway accessory design ideas for brides and members of their wedding party will be on display and on the runway. Local brides, stop by to see us and other vendors who are poised to help you make your wedding all that you envision!

Stop by EventBrite (link below) for free tickets for you and your entourage and register for thousands in prizes, including a three-hour limousine package from Entertainment Express. Then join us to sample food and cake options, take advantage of 10% off Carlson Craft products, enjoy the bridal fashion show, and most importantly, try on headpiece and veiling designs at our booth!

The first 200 brides will receive $100 gift certificates from an exclusive vendor and Men's Wearhouse gift bags. 

Additional information here:  jahzarasaphirbridalexpo.com

 See you there!


Bridal Show at the Palace of Auburn Hills - Giveaway Winner!

September 17, 2013

Aleyciuss Al-Ali of Creative Directive and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with hundreds of brides at last weekend's bridal show at the Palace of Auburn Hills. It is always a pleasure to talk with prospective clients about their wedding needs.
I am pleased to announce the winner of our 'giveaway drawing'. We look forward to working with Ms. Jennifer Moretti in the design of her custom bridal headpiece and/or veiling worth up to $350.00. A Breeziway bride always gets what she wants. . . Congratulations, Jennifer!

Enjoy a few photos taken during the event.

Getting ready
Aleyciuss of Creative Directive and another lady of class and style!
Someone likes the Simona and Mini-Top Hat
Drawing for Custom Design Giveaway
Fun with a pouf veil
Swarovski crystal sparkle is always a draw.
Some ideas for Mother-of-Bride, Mother-of-Groom, and Bridal Attendants.
Standing room only. . .
Thank you to those who stopped to explore our design options.



Michigan F.A.S.H Fest - Breeziway at Accessory Designer Installation

August 20, 2013

We are excited to be a part of this year's Michigan F.A.S.H Fest and invite you to explore, support, and enjoy the rich tapestry of artistic talents in Michigan. Please, join us at the Accessory Designer Installation in Detroit's new Garment District:  

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Detroit: August 15, 2013; Presence II Productions kicks off Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest on September 6 with the "behind the scenes" Beauty team of Antonino Salon and Spa for the Runway Industry Showcase and Gala to boost the economy, enticing buyers and savvy consumers alike. 

The Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest Premiere Festival 2013 pops open September 7 and 8 , for jam-packed days of curiosity and cool in its downtown home base, the Motor City. 

Stop, look, listen, and participate in Fashion, Art, Sound, and History through fine art, street culture couture, and experiential installations while indulging in Food Alley's gourmet truck roundup including Green Zebra, Rollin’ Stone Wood Oven Pizza, and Treat Dreams ice cream cuisine. Be enthralled by fashion showcases, and signature photo opportunities with live MI Alpacas in the Michigan supply chain manufacturing and fiber installation. 

A portion of the proceeds from the $3 entrance fee benefits Forgotten Harvest, whose mission fights hunger. The admittance includes festivities and explorations of “tent city” surrounding the park on Library and Farmer Streets. An option of VIP tickets is also available which includes entrance to the “suite sweet swag “ tent where patrons can enjoy treats by Cherries Cakery, Sincerely Sweet, Al’s Paradise CafĂ©, and more. Much is ASL accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. 

September 7 ; Urban, Indie, Underground day presents the “Rock, Rebel, Recycle” showcase including coiffure by the Open Chair winners, up-cycled jewelry by Lilacpop Studio, and embellished staffs by international folk artist David Philpot. Later in the day, there is a premiere fashion feature of street-wear brand Negash, and Siana Treece, a grass roots fashion front-runner. Meridith Lorde and The Social Grooming Club Company is at the beauty helm. 

In the streets, there will be Live Nation tickets gifted to the first 50 people. The tented collaborative environments are created for artists and vendors to sell their work like Detroit Scroll, Detroit Respect, Lilacpop, Dina LaMontagne Designs, Lucky Clover, Breeziway, and D & E Designs. The “Detroit City” installation houses works from sought after artists like Shades, Trae Isaac, Flaco, Phillip Simpson, Marsha Music, and others. The main stage's edgy line up presents world beats of Sin Hielo, folk/ indie with The DeCamp Sisters, Jack and the Bear, and Dial.81 who is sponsored by Purple Co. 

September 8 ; Family Day, celebrates kids presenting talents and trends from the entire state of Michigan! The main stage belt out beats from Stevie Soul and Omar, and Gia Warner. Jennifer Kincer and friends will be pumping up the volume with voices of a variety of Metro Detroit musicians. The hilarious plethora of puppetry by Puppet Art provides entertainment plus appearances by a Couture Mother Goose. One hundred, packs of four, gift certificates will be given by the historic Music Hall. 

The Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest kids fashion show opens with featured brand Detroit Respect, and debuts Blu Moon, a modern children’s wear line, bopping to turned up tunes with a surprise ending treat. The afternoon’s Youthville student designer fashion show gives opportunity to the “cream of the crop” to share their latest looks. At dusk the community busts a move to Latin music soaring salsa lessons by Mary Murphy of Autumn Rain Productions Dance Company. 

Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest is created and sponsored by PRESENCE II PRODUCTIONS, Northwood University, Boll YMCA, Peak Environment, Liz in Detroit, Occassional Hugs, plus in-kind sponsors StyleLine magazine, Detroit Free Press, Live Nation, Scott Shuptrine, Music Hall, Blumz by JRDesigns, BlueWOrld Productions, Colonial Events, Scenic Prop Design, and civic communities which we support Forgotten Harvest, Playground Detroit, and D.E.A.F. CAN. It is an opportunity to bring businesses to support creative and creative to showcase business as a premiere P.R. “Show and Tell”! For tickets visit 


Leslie Ann Pilling leslie@presenceiiproductions.com

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We hope to see you there!


Bridal Hair Showcase Magazine - Spring, 2013

April 14, 2013

It is time for a long over due sharing of our recent feature in the Celebrity Hairstyles annual bridal edition, Bridal Hair Showcase Magazine on Soaring Hearts! If you are planning your wedding, prom, or other very special occasion this year, you must get a copy of this excellent source of inspiration for hairstyles, make-up, gowns and hair accessories.

I am grateful to the editor of this fine publication, Chryso D' Angelo, and her colleagues for this opportunity, as well as all members of the talented team that made it possible. These include: Creative Director, Aleycuuss Ann Al-Ali; Photography, Davide Anderson; Models, (clockwise) Debbie Schemansky, Sargam Bhatt, Sophie Fenby, Olena Koshmanova & Alexa Atkins; Stylist, Dayna Flowers; Hair & MUA, Shay Bro, Meredith Stedman & Kris Minneweather.

Special mention must be made of the woman that orchestrated this project, Aleyciuss Ann Al-Ali of Creative Directive. Aleyciuss is a jewel. She not only brought a rich set of experiences and knowledge and an amazing creative vision to the relaunch of my accessory design business, but also a soulful understanding of and respect for the members of the team who contributed. The clichĂ©’ of inner and outer beauty applies here, because this talented woman brought both to this project.

Aleyciuss worked diligently to create a product that surpasses my hopes; effectively negotiating the challenges that arise with any complicated project. I absolutely love everything about my company’s new website and ancillary marketing materials she created to move our venture forward, and I look ahead to a growing and successful affiliation.

I highly recommend, without reservation, the services provided by Aleyciuss and her team to my friends and business associates who are looking for a new and upscale, public image for their creative products. You will find yourself gaining excellent guidance and tangible outcomes. Please, feel free to contact me for additional information.

Thank you so much, Aleyciuss . . .  God speed!


Surrounded by Youthful Beauty, Talent & Passion - and Loving It!

March 15, 2013

Our designs were available for play last Saturday at our Chicago-area affiliate, Fiancee' Couture. We have worked with boutique owner & photographer, Maria Paez, for a year; creating custom accessory designs for her clientele. Our most recent trunk show there featured the bridal gown collection of Kate Pankoke, Creative Director of Elaya Vaughn. You may recognize Kate as one of the talented, designer contestants in this season's Project Runway.


This evening gown created by Kate was chosen by Heidi Klum, Project Runway's Host, to wear for the launching of her new fragrance, "Surprise".  Love this gown!

Kate is showing-off her popular bridal gown, "Eloise", which features vintage-feel ruffles with a contemporary spin in silk taffeta.

 Welcome to the inviting Fiancee' Couture Boutique in Frankfort, IL . . .


and a little corner of the world for Breeziway. . . . 

Our talented and dynamic, Aleyciuss Ann Al-Ali, was on-hand at the show to help the brides complement Kate's beautiful gowns with just the right Breeziway looks. Aleyciuss, Director of Creative Directive, has been working closely with us over the past several months in support of our visions for the future. She orchestrated the events leading to a new visual image for Breeziway, including our new website, and I am grateful for the love, energy, and talents she has shared.

Aleyciuss is perfectly-poised to help anyone in the fashion industry step-up their visibility in the market. She is educated and experienced in the relevant venues of modeling, photography enhancement, bridal fashion retailing, marketing, and consultation. She is perceptive and sensitive to the needs of those she works with, constantly seeking to help bring out the best of their qualities. A natural beauty, inside and out; we are fortunate to have her support as we move forward.

We are looking forward to future collaborations with both Maria of Fiancee' Couture and Kate of Elaya Vaughn. Time to get back to the fun of it all! We have a runway show coming up in mid-April and another trunk show in July. . .both will feature Kate's new bridal gown designs and our new headpieces and veils designed to complement them. I see many good times ahead for us all.

All the best,


Breeziway Launches 2013 Collection with New Web Site

March 4, 2013

We couldn't be more pleased to be able to announce the launching of Breeziway's 2013 Collection with a new website. Please, do drop by to explore the wonders that lie within. Then, let us know how we can help make your wedding and other special occasions even more spectacular!

Offering the best,


Models are People Too

December 21, 2012

It is a pleasure to share this blog entry written about our recent photoshoot by our talented intern, Devilin Howard. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Devilin for this help over the past several months and to congratulate him. Devilin will soon be completing his requirements for a BA Degree in Fashion Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology - Detroit Campus. We wish you nothing but the best in your upcoming endeavors. 

I am ever appreciative of the time and talents of Aleyciuss of Creative Directive Co and Davide Anderson Photography. . . and the rest of our stylist and model team, acknowledged below! Thanks everyone. . . I am so eager to be able to share the results of our fruitful collaboration.

Models are People Too
By Devilin Howard

Hello again everyone. This is Seriph Angel with another beautiful report about the work of Ms. Sandra and the models and staff who helped make this all be possible. . . a photoshoot

  organized by Ms. Sandra.

Her Photographer, Davide Anderson, and Director of Creative Directive Co., Aleyciuss Al-Ali,. were essential to the process!

 Ms. Cassandra, one fierce makeup artist, preparing these young ladies for battle.

and we must not forget about Unique (left) and Marrah (right), the talented hair stylists who let not a strand go unattended.

Each member of the team worked for many hours to create the fabulous photos that will be unveiled soon for the launching of Breeziway's new website and collections!

  All these wonderful pieces were handcrafted by Ms. Sandra herself. . . 

They are all extremely beautiful and very detailed. Wish I could make something like this. It definitely shows she truly is serious about her craft.


There are just so many pieces to choose from. . . The variety is endless.

Why not turn this into a game by looking for these pieces on the models' heads? But the only way to do that is to log in and visit Ms. Sandra’s Facebook page and leave your comments and make sure to like the pieces that you find stunning. To see more of her beautiful work visit her new site at www.breeziway.com anytime after mid-January.

This next segment provides a little behind the scene flavor. It will give you a taste of what the women behind the veils and lashes are really like. People always wonder if there are real ladies underneath all of the make-up, so here is a piece with some flair on each model before and after they were ready for their close ups.

This is Rachel, the ball of energy and the life of the party. She is just awesome to be around, and she easily lightens up the mood with her dancing and ability to speak to everyone. She loves vintage style and would wear it all the time if she could.

At first glance this young lady is peppy and full of energy and within an instant . . .

She transforms into this fierce tiger ready to step out on the scene.

Next we have Sargam, a returning model from the first photoshoot that I attended, and the 'Face of Breeziway'. She is very humble and did not mind helping out even when ready for her shoot. She is sweet and innocent off set, but once the camera is on her and her hair is down and fluttering in the wind . . .

She can stop anyone in their wake with her gorgeous glance.

Next on my list is the lovely pair Elisabeth (left) and Samantha (right) These two definitely destroy the whole, “models do not get along” stereotype. They seemed extremely close; showing each other messages and photos. It completely changed how I view the social world of models.

These two were completely inseparable and with good reason too. . .

When you take pictures so dangerously stunning together why have it any other way?

Next on our list is Angel. She was the ninja. One minute I saw her and the next she was gone. It was like magic. I would look up, and at one point she could be sitting on the couch and then the next she is in the make -up chair ready for her close up.

In the end this Angel would send you straight to Heaven with her bold beautiful eyes and calming smile.

Next we have Kai and, yes, this is before her make-over. She is very easy to talk to and make conversation with. I would have never guessed she liked making garments for herself. It is nice to know that even though you may be a model, you can always make things for yourself as well.

Talking had to be cut short for it was time for her close up and they needed their star.

And last but not least we have Krystal. Believe me she is as cute as she can be and takes one fierce photo. This young lady does not mind helping  on the job and is another party starter.

This young lady does not play, however, when it comes to her Red Bull. She always had one nearby. Reminds me of myself when it comes to Cream Soda.

Thought I was kidding about taking fierce photos? Pictures like this one of Krystal would give statues made of marble a run for their money.

This segment was to show what models are like during a photo shoot with Breeziway and how different they can be and look off the set. Make-up and jewelry are your weapons, but they do not define you. So remember underneath all the polish and crimps there are real women, who love being who they are.

I hope you have enjoyed yet another segment on the inside of Breeziway and what it takes to make these works of art. That was Seriph’s blog of the day. Over and out.