Bridal Hair Showcase Magazine - Spring, 2013

April 14, 2013

It is time for a long over due sharing of our recent feature in the Celebrity Hairstyles annual bridal edition, Bridal Hair Showcase Magazine on Soaring Hearts! If you are planning your wedding, prom, or other very special occasion this year, you must get a copy of this excellent source of inspiration for hairstyles, make-up, gowns and hair accessories.

I am grateful to the editor of this fine publication, Chryso D' Angelo, and her colleagues for this opportunity, as well as all members of the talented team that made it possible. These include: Creative Director, Aleycuuss Ann Al-Ali; Photography, Davide Anderson; Models, (clockwise) Debbie Schemansky, Sargam Bhatt, Sophie Fenby, Olena Koshmanova & Alexa Atkins; Stylist, Dayna Flowers; Hair & MUA, Shay Bro, Meredith Stedman & Kris Minneweather.

Special mention must be made of the woman that orchestrated this project, Aleyciuss Ann Al-Ali of Creative Directive. Aleyciuss is a jewel. She not only brought a rich set of experiences and knowledge and an amazing creative vision to the relaunch of my accessory design business, but also a soulful understanding of and respect for the members of the team who contributed. The cliché’ of inner and outer beauty applies here, because this talented woman brought both to this project.

Aleyciuss worked diligently to create a product that surpasses my hopes; effectively negotiating the challenges that arise with any complicated project. I absolutely love everything about my company’s new website and ancillary marketing materials she created to move our venture forward, and I look ahead to a growing and successful affiliation.

I highly recommend, without reservation, the services provided by Aleyciuss and her team to my friends and business associates who are looking for a new and upscale, public image for their creative products. You will find yourself gaining excellent guidance and tangible outcomes. Please, feel free to contact me for additional information.

Thank you so much, Aleyciuss . . .  God speed!



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