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March 15, 2013

Our designs were available for play last Saturday at our Chicago-area affiliate, Fiancee' Couture. We have worked with boutique owner & photographer, Maria Paez, for a year; creating custom accessory designs for her clientele. Our most recent trunk show there featured the bridal gown collection of Kate Pankoke, Creative Director of Elaya Vaughn. You may recognize Kate as one of the talented, designer contestants in this season's Project Runway.


This evening gown created by Kate was chosen by Heidi Klum, Project Runway's Host, to wear for the launching of her new fragrance, "Surprise".  Love this gown!

Kate is showing-off her popular bridal gown, "Eloise", which features vintage-feel ruffles with a contemporary spin in silk taffeta.

 Welcome to the inviting Fiancee' Couture Boutique in Frankfort, IL . . .


and a little corner of the world for Breeziway. . . . 

Our talented and dynamic, Aleyciuss Ann Al-Ali, was on-hand at the show to help the brides complement Kate's beautiful gowns with just the right Breeziway looks. Aleyciuss, Director of Creative Directive, has been working closely with us over the past several months in support of our visions for the future. She orchestrated the events leading to a new visual image for Breeziway, including our new website, and I am grateful for the love, energy, and talents she has shared.

Aleyciuss is perfectly-poised to help anyone in the fashion industry step-up their visibility in the market. She is educated and experienced in the relevant venues of modeling, photography enhancement, bridal fashion retailing, marketing, and consultation. She is perceptive and sensitive to the needs of those she works with, constantly seeking to help bring out the best of their qualities. A natural beauty, inside and out; we are fortunate to have her support as we move forward.

We are looking forward to future collaborations with both Maria of Fiancee' Couture and Kate of Elaya Vaughn. Time to get back to the fun of it all! We have a runway show coming up in mid-April and another trunk show in July. . .both will feature Kate's new bridal gown designs and our new headpieces and veils designed to complement them. I see many good times ahead for us all.

All the best,



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