Colleen's Custom Creamsicles. . .

October 18, 2009

I have just taken photographs of the headpiece completed this morning for a Breeziway bride and it seemed a good idea to share them with all of you via this entry.

Colleen loved the texture and shape of our Creamsicle, but didn't want the natural orange of some of the Moluccan Cockatoo feathers used in this design. So, I replaced these feathers with bleached pheasant and natural, off-white peacock breast feathers of similar shape. After playing with her custom Creamsicle with her hair stylist, she wanted to make a bolder statement. We decided to add 2 more pieces to her array. Here they are! The combs of the 3 pieces are directed inward in a triangular arrangement. . . I have added light touches of marabou feathers at the base of each piece to ensure that none of the mounts show. If I am remembering correctly, Colleen plans to wear this design to the side of an up-do. Here's hoping that you are as happy as I am with the result, Colleen. . . . Here's hoping that you will share some photos so we can see your gorgeous self on your wedding day!

It has been a gorgeous morning in southern Michigan, and I have enjoyed the sunlit color of trees in my yard. Wishing you a sunlit day, too.



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