Sara's Beach Wedding. . .

October 10, 2009

My original plan for the Breeziway Soaring Hearts blog was to share stories of some of the brides we have had the pleasure of serving. The process of sorting through thousands of files of photographs that have accumulated over the past year has been daunting, but I am determined to begin this evening. We have worked with so many lovely ladies, with unique and beautiful ideas for their wedding days. Tonight I would like to share some photos of Sara's beach wedding along the Texas shore.

Sara wore an ivory and champagne lace and satin gown, accented with a stunning tear drop aquamarine necklace from her grandmother. As I recall, her talented grandmother altered Sara's designer gown to create the halter top and sash.

Sarah wanted a bridal headpiece that complemented the aquamarine around her neck and the backdrop of the ocean. . . . something "both bridal and earthy". . . . and she wanted her design to include peacock feathers.

The following two photos were taken to share with Sara during the creation of her design. Her headpiece was made of tiny India blue peacock eyes, off-white hackle, and off-white and dyed aquamarine jagged, scalloped-edged coquile feathers. The first photo showed Sara this look with accents of deep blue peacock breast feathers, and the second photo with fire-red pheasant breast feathers. Sara liked the 'earthy' look of the later, and her design was finished with this choice.

I received a message from Sara several months after her wedding day, which contained the photos shared. She said that it felt like her weddding had just been "yesterday". . . I hope this young couple is feeling even more love for each other today, then they felt on that breezy day on the beach last summer. . . May the foundation created by their first year of marriage be as strong as the rock they stand on below.




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