The Caitlin Story. . .

November 5, 2009

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of helping Miss Norman - Oklahoma complete her evening gown ensemble for the Miss Oklahoma pageant. Caitlin shared a photo of her gown, and we began our collaboration. The bodice of her gown was covered in stylist feathers. By appearance, it was clear that hackle or schalappen feathers were used in the making of her gown. So, the Caitlin design made of hackle, schlappen, and stripped coque feathers was born.

I like how the funnel shape created by this design mimics a tornado. How appropriate is that for a student (University of Oklahoma) who will someday find success in her career as a broadcast meterologist?! Cat's gown was provided by one of her sponsors, Foggy Bottom Ladies Boutique in Wichita, Kansas. Drop by their site to explore some unique and amazing gowns from a range of designers. . . more on this boutique later!

A shot of the original Caitlin is below (set pins and all) . . . and one of Caitlin wearing this design for the competition in the pageant header below. The shot is small and the piece is difficult to see, but trust me .. . its there. This design is available in white, ivory, black or can be custom dyed to match your gown.

AND as you can see, Caitlin won the title of Miss Oklahoma 2009! Gorgeous, isn't she?

Congratulations Caitlin and best wishes for many more sweet victories in the years ahead. Thank you for letting us share some of the fun.




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