The Inspiration of Amelia Earhart

November 19, 2009

I was just enjoying the work of a milliner who specializes in variants of the chloe' design. Behida Dolic is the talent behind the pieces featured below. I love this look! It is perfect for those with short hair styles. The rest of us can enjoy the magic of transforming our look, simply by hiding our tresses under a gorgeous 'aviator' helmet of felt.

I am looking forward to scheduling the time to block some of my own designs in this category. . . visions of delicately sculpted off-white embellished with elegant Breeziway touches of feather, silk and crystal are dancing through my head; a hat to pair with a feminine dress made of lace. So many ideas, so little time! Someone suggested that inspiration might be found in the newly-released movie, Amelia. I should fit that in too!

Happy flight, my friends!



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