Mischa Barton in Ring-neck Pheasant

November 26, 2009

As a native Londoner (later, a naturalized American), it is no surprise that Mischa Barton would feel as free-as-a-bird wearing her jaunty chloe cap covered in feathers from the ring-neck pheasant. The photos of Mischa taken while playing with friends in Primrose Hill, London this past spring were provided by http://www.hollywoodrag.com/.

There are 35 species of pheasants, with each bird creating a complex array of feather colors and patterns (10+). They are gorgeous birds, and this past summer was spent in part learning more about the unique and broad array of feathers worn by various species of pheasant. We have processed many pelts of beautiful materials for future designs.

The ring-neck pheasant shown below is the species whose feathers were used to create the hat worn by Mischa and the stunningly-shaped chloe shown below.

I look forward to wearing my own pheasant feather hat this winter and hope you will each find a way of keeping toasty-warm in the months ahead.




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