Gauffered Gardenias by Breeziway . . .

December 27, 2009

Gardenia jasminoides

We do our best to meet the needs of our individual and retail clients and constantly seek new materials and methods to enhance our creative choices. A new retail affiliate has asked for a design using a low profile flower, such as a gardenia, in a bridal color that is surprisingly difficult to source via outside vendors. Many brides are now wearing a natural silk, off-white, sometimes called diamond white. Yet, millinery silk flowers are most frequently made in either brilliant white or a deeper ivory. Our solution? Make our own. We are quite happy with the results of today's studio activity; off-white gardenias made in plush, duchess silk satin. These beauties will be available in a range of bridal shades of white, champagne, and ivory, as well as custom dyed options.

Do let us know if you are interested in a headpiece design using our new gauffer-pressed gardenias. Those of you familiar with real gardenias know that these pretty blossoms are fragile and may turn brown to the touch. Our version will stay true to color for you. In France, Gardenia is the traditional flower which men wear as boutonnieres. Let us know if you would like a masculinized-version (without Swarovski crystal accent) for your groom's lapel.

The gardenias below are approximately 3 inches in diameter, but can be made in a smaller size.

Enjoying an energizing-high after a marvelous holiday with family and friends. . . hope you are as well,



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