Passion Red Collection - #1

January 17, 2010

It was a delight to make new friends in Wichita, Kansas the first week of January; the owner of Foggy Bottom Boutique, her family, staff, and friends. We are excited about our new collaboration, which will be initiated with a big show event later this winter. Foggy Bottom is a designated Top 10 Prom boutique, carrying a wide array of gorgeous gowns from designers such as Jovani, Tony Bowls Paris, La Femme, Night Moves by Allure, Allyce Designs, Sherri Hill, Riva Designs, Faviana and Mori Lee.

Foggy Bottom is holding a special 'Red Event' in honor of Valentine's Day. Breeziway has made several designs for gowns to be featured in this event. This entry is the first of three to preview some of these designs.

All gown photos are from the Top 10 Prom site; a marvelous place to explore! The Breeziway photos were taken quickly and before final touches, but provide the basics of each design.


Gown by Tony Bowls
Gown by Riva (center)
Gown by Alyce
Gown by Faviana

The subtle to vibrant color combination of the 4 gowns above were the inspiration for a customization of our Mikaili design. This piece is made of fine silk chiffon in red, green, and purple with metallic silver highlights. Rare natural white peacock feather eyes and a sword and a Swarovski accent made of clear and AB crystals make this design a knock-out. The photos just don't do this piece justice!


Gown by Jovani
Gown by Sherri Hill

These red and crystal gowns by Jovani and Sherri Hill were inspiration for the Breeziway design below. Red crin/horsehair fashioned into a flower and bow were accented with red coquile feathers and clear Swarovski crystals. A silver bouillon and crystal trim at the base of this design adds to its sparkle.


The perky red, black and polka dot gowns above by Sherri Hill were an inspiration for a red version of our popular Zabrina. What fun.


Gown by Alyce
Gown by Alyce
Gown by Tony Bowls Paris

The three gowns above by Tony Bowls and Alyce served as inspiration for the Breeziway design below. This piece is made of a 3" burgundy red silk rose, a rose pearl and garnet Swarovski crystal motif, and white schlappen feathers mounted on a straw base.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our preparation for prom season. Please, do drop by to see more of the fruits of our affiliation with the Foggy Bottom Ladies Boutique. If you live near Wichita, Kansas - the mid-continent home of the airline industry and Kirstie Alley, drop by the boutique on Douglas Street to try our designs. Let us know what you think!

Getting ready for a special Valentine's Day event? prom? wedding bridesmaids and love RED? Come back throughout the week for more ideas to consider.

Here's to following our passions. . . .



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