New Bridal Designs Available in Online Shop. . .

March 14, 2010

I have promised to introduce more of the prom designs, and will do so as soon as activity in the studio quiets a bit! I am happy, however, to have been able to add 3 of our new bridal designs to our Internet shop. Please, drop by to view the Beyonce, Tress, and Gardenia.

Introducing Beyonce. . . . swirling coquile and schlappen feathers cushion a stunning Swarovski crystal cluster.

Introducing Tress. . . a handmade pressed flower of silk organza and velvet are softened with plush schlappen and stripped coque feathers. (Shown here with our 12" French silk birdcage veil, which can be purchased separately.)

Introducing Gardenia. . . a handmade gauffer iron gardenia made of Duchess silk satin is adorned with tulle, schlappen feathers and Swarovski crystals.

We hope you like these new options for the upcoming wedding season. . .

Let us know what your bridal headpiece needs are.

We love to be of help in completing your ensemble!



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