Hat Watch - Cloche sighting. . . .

May 2, 2010

I think it is time for us to consider a range of creative ways to frame our faces & help the rest of our style pop! For decades we have focused all our style choices/consideration on our torsos and feet. Why have we neglected the part of ourselves that is the most important to who we are?

I love it when a woman has the courage to express herself by adding a headpiece or hat to her style choices! Red Carpet Fashion Awards recently blogged about the Bibhu Mohapatra little black dress and look1 cloche worn by Melissa George at the 2nd Annual Bent On Learning Benefit in New York City on April, 28th. Way to go, Red Carpet & Melissa!

Grades for this semester will be submitted tomorrow, and I am very excited about the new designs we will be creating this spring. Variations of the cloche will be among the fun options to come (some bridal, some not).

Here's to your own creative, free expression!



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