Would You Wear A Headpiece?

June 4, 2010

Fashion Psychology Thought of the Day . . . .

Thank you, Steff Yotka of Fashionista.com for this article about headpieces. . . and to commenters that share different perspectives on the issue:

Would You Wear A Headpiece?

"Among the flocks of similarly dressed hipsters, her reflective accoutrement was a ray of light. Indeed, headpieces are having a moment. " ~Steff Yotka

The anxious. . .

enrolled agent study
"I guess it depends on where I'm going, I could wear one if I'm going to a party. But wearing a headpiece when you're off to the supermarket to buy kibbles? Definitely N-O. I still wont wear one if I'm going to have dinner with friends. They'd laugh at me and I'd feel like a freak the whole time."

The expressive. . .

Ian 1
Why be self-conscious about a hat???If you would wear an Alexander McQueen shoe (which most people wouldn't wear - or probably even know about for that matter), then why be embarrassed about something that just happens to rest on the opposite end of your body?It's an expression of self. If you love it, then screw what other people have to say (well, within reason, of course...noone's saying to drape a trash bag around your middle section and go traispsing down 5th, but I digress)I say do it. You have one life. If you walk around afraid to wear things, for fear of what others might think, then a true fashionista you are not. You're merely an observer. A voyeur, if you will.

Here's to an expressive approach to life. . . whatever your expression is!



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