Samantha's Pageant Design. . .

July 17, 2010

A Breeziway friend will be participating in a pageant next month. Samantha is wearing the gorgeous yellow and white Mac Duggal couture gown shown below. We couldn't let her go without a Breeziway design to complement her style, so the custom look below will be sent her way in time for this upcoming event!

We made a large bright yellow cabbage rose of silk and embellished it with wisps of coquile feathers dyed a light yellow with citrine Swarovski crystals to add some sparkle. An ostrich feather tip, ostrich fronds, and a bright yellow marabou add texture and softness. I wish the photos did the shading more justice.

Best wishes for the upcoming pageant, Samantha.
We are eager to see photos of our design with your Mac Duggal gown!




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