Gigi and Ardith. . .. and more. . . .

August 13, 2010

Greetings from England! Life has been a whirlwind of late, and there has been little time to share photos of the new crystal designs that were introduced at the 'Buy Michigan Now' Style Event in Northville. I am eager to post soon the excellent photos taken by our intern, Mercedes, of Katerina Bocci's dress, suit and gown designs. . . . In the meantime, however, I will share a few photos of two of our new crystal pieces that were introduced at this event. . .. but, first, one of my talented & lovely daughters, (Breeziway's premiere model), Jenna, and my talented and lovely intern, Mercedes! Thanks to both of you for your continued support & insights.

The first of our new crystal designs is the 'Gigi'. A crystal motif-encrusted, sculptured skull cap made of matte silver-plated brass filigree and pointed-back Swarovski crystals for maximum sparkle, which are mounted on combs for secure placement. I am very happy with this versatile design that will work creatively with many different hair styles.

Next, is our new 'Ardith'; modeled by Katerina during her finale talk at the Northville show in the photo below (with her lovely & talented daughters!). This design is made of 4 silver-plated filigree flowers encrusted with pointed-back Swarovski crystals and mounted on a two wire headband for a comfortable wear. Love this piece too!

Hoping this entry finds everyone enjoying sun-filled days this August.

Be well,



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