Wigging Out over Our Wigs! - A 'New Kid on the Block' Story. . .

October 21, 2010

Wigs at work. . . .

As already mentioned, we participated in our first bridal market/trade show last weekend. For a little over 2 years, we have served hundreds of clients from around the world. We have worked with many of them remotely, tweaking design elements to create perfect complements to each woman's ensemble, personality, and style. This is what Breeziway is about.

Wigs are an important tool to our service. Clients typically provide photos of their gowns, themselves, and their chosen hair styles, which we use to provide design suggestions. When a client is too far away to try on her headpiece in person, we provide her with photos of her design during its creation it situ, using a wig which resembles her hair color and style. It has worked quite well for us, and seemed like a reasonable way to share our new designs at the show.

I was somewhat surprised, therefore, when a 'buzz' filtered up to us during the first day. We learned that our wigs were causing a stir in some sectors of the exhibition; one fellow exhibitor reputedly calling them "creepy". . . really, now! headpieces on wigs, creepy? I felt transported back in time to days of high school and responded to the situation with the best humor I could.

Although I understand that we may approach our business and its display in ways that don't fit the stark 'norm', shouldn't an industry that considers itself to be creative be just a little more open to alternative perspectives? Please, let's try to play nicely. There is plenty of room for all of us on the playground!

Best regards to all, as always,



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