Full Frontal Fashion's "Girl on the Run" - Chapter 1

December 19, 2010

The sensational new style site, Full Frontal Fashion, has released a series of fascinating videos focused on the Winter, 2011 season. This first chapter shares the frenetic & depressing underbelly of the major shows in Paris. The question is raised, "Is fashion falling apart?". It seems the once-upon-a-time apex of the Fashion world, Paris, is falling indeed. I don't understand the sagging crotch trousers worn by their hostess, Mademoiselle Agnes. They are so unattractive to my eye. . . and the comment, "I kiss your mouth, your neck, and your ass." What?! This is an interesting video; bad, bed hair & crassness taken to a classless extreme. . .

Oh my, let's get a grip!

This is an interesting number by Jean-Paul Gaultier, inspired by 1930's lingerie. LOVE the velvet turban.

Wishing you a tasteful experience and expression
this holiday season!



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