Princess Diana's Hats. . . .

December 5, 2010

Graham Smith (milliner), Small, head, tiny roses, black and white chic,
Henry Clarke, British Vogue, 1965

I have been distracted from the blog lately with seemingly-endless tasks. . . Nonetheless, starting the shells of a list of entries that I am eager to share when time allows. My thanks goes to the team at HATalk who just shared this video on their Facebook page. It is a lovely collage of Princess Diana's style. An array of her millinery 'dot's on the "i"' or 'exclamation points'!

I think Graham Smith and later, Stephen Jones, were favorite milliners of the Princess.

I want to explore Smith's career with some gusto over the holiday break. and promise to share some of the treasures discovered.

Enjoy the video!



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