Alasyn - Beauty Pageants are NOT about Building Superficial Values. . .

July 24, 2011

Time to introduce another kind, talented, and intelligent young woman, who I proudly count among my Kansas friends! In addition to excelling in her studies, Alasyn Zimmerman has pursued the learning experiences associated with pageant pursuits. She was the title holder for the Miss Kansas Outstanding Teen in 2008 and currently holds the title for Miss Southern Kansas - America (with her brother below):

Alasyn competed for the Miss Kansas America crown recently with a platform in support of students' academic success that encourages extracurricular activities. As an academic, I am aware of the merits of such support, and I applaud her efforts in this direction. Indeed, Alasyn is a perfect example of this success!

Two of the ensembles that Alasyn wore during the Miss Kansas competition are below. The gorgeous satin and lace gown was sponsored by my friend, Beth George, of Foggy Bottom Boutique in Wichita. I love them both. . .

One of Alasyn's longstanding extracurricular activities is dance. She danced competitively during early childhood; a pursuit that brought her numerous rewards. At the age of 10 she decided to focus on her ballet training. Alasyn has been a part of Kansas' only touring ballet company 'Ballet Wichita' for 10 years, and she became a soloist in the company in 2008. Some of her favorite roles have included: Clara, Chinese Lady, Icicle, and Orchid in "The Nutcracker", Glenda in "The Wizard of Oz" , and a bat in "Merlin's Song". She has studied under the direction of Jill Landrith for the past 8 years, and had the opportunity to study dance with The Washington Ballet during the summers of 2006 and 2007. Additionally, she has worked with various musical theater companies in Wichita. (e.g., dance captain for "Festival of Broadway" with Music Theater of Wichita at the age of fourteen and choreographer for her school theater and area productions.)

It is NO surprise that ballet is the talent she currently features in her pageant competitions. Alasyn choreographed her ballet performance for this year's Miss Kansas competition to the music of "Electricity" from the Broadway Musical "Billy Elliot" by Elton John. The mid-leap shot below was taken from that performance. Pretty amazing!

When Alasyn asked me to create a headpiece for her to wear for this performance (inspired by "Black Swan"), I was thrilled to do so. . .

As always, we were sure to offer plenty of opportunity for securing her headpiece in place. . . .absolutely necessary!

A recent high school graduate (International Baccalaureate diploma), Alasyn is beginning her studies in broadcast journalism and dance at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She hopes to become a national news network correspondent (a previously-revealed secret dream is to become a well known trilingual news broadcaster and travel the world covering the news).

I have no doubt that Alasyn will continue to achieve success in life, no matter what life brings. She is poised with the goodness to bring the best she can to whatever she does, on behalf of others and herself. It is a pleasure to watch. . .

Alasyn with her loving & supportive parents & boyfriend

Those who still believe that beauty pageants are about the superficial have not met the lovely people I have!




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