Kentucky Derby Museum Hat Competition - 2012

June 5, 2012

It was a pleasure to work on this year's hat submission for the annual Kentucky Derby Museum competition. I am calling 'her' Fuchsia Filly Folly. The design employs one of my favorite color combinations, fuchsia and navy blue. It is made of swirling pleated crin, two types of vintage silk veiling, sword and eye feathers from the rare purple peacock, and a Swarovski crystal pick. I thought some of you might enjoy the pictures below. All it needs is a lovely filly in a classy navy sheath!

As always, I look forward to seeing what my colleagues have created for this special tradition!

All the best,



scott davidson said...

As an older art collector since my wife passed away, I must admit to being very partial to collecting nudes in art, as original paintings or as good prints, that I have displayed all over the house. (I like to see the surprised faces of my new visitors).
This one,, by Emile Munier, is hanging in one corner of my bedroom and was printed by, where I am a very good customer.

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