Behind the Scenes with Seriph the New Intern

October 30, 2012

Busy times abound at Breeziway as we prepare for the upcoming bridal season, and I am happy to introduce a new member of our team, a student who is finishing his BA studies this semester in Fashion Design at the Detroit campus of the International Academy of Design and Technology. . . 

My name is Devilin Howard, and this is my very first entry for Breeziway’s Soaring Hearts Blog. . . . October 21st was a busy day for a large cast of talented people under the guidance of Aleyciuss Al-Ali of Creative Directive Co and fashion photographer, Davide Anderson. Stylists and beautiful models were on hand to showcase the new designs created for the upcoming bridal season by Sandra Nagel Whitworth, owner of Breeziway. Models, Olena Koshmanova, Alexa Atkins, Sophia Fenby, Hannah Fitpatrick, Leah. Debbie Schemansky, Jennifer Nicole, and Sargam were prepared for their close-ups by make-up and hairstylists, Shay Alsaid, Meredith Stedman, Kris, and Alek Adams. Assistants, Jennifer, and myself helped with prepping the gowns provided by Maria Paez of Fiancee’ Couture of Frankfort, IL (gowns by Chicago designer, Elya Vaughn and UK designer, Monica Hadi), and Katerina Bocci of Shelby Township, MI, as well as managing the models and making sure they had everything they required. 

Alex prepares for her close up as she switches her earrings from a pair she barely ever removes to a dazzling and quite sparkly pair hand crafted by Sandra herself.

Here is Jennifer relaxing in her chair and smiling through the entire thing.

Sophie is having her hair prepared by Shay, also known as ShayBro!

Hannah sits in the chair as the other models relax awaiting their turns for hair and make up.

Sargam is having her makeup contoured. It takes skill to keep those curls just right while
having your eyes done at the same time.

Leah is looking great as she is having the final touches done on her hair. It is amazing what the young ladies go through before their actual shots are taken.

I, the new intern Devilin Howard, (AKA Seriph) decided to take this day to walk in the models’ shoes and have my make-up done too. This was my first time, and I wanted to see what the ladies had to go through during the shoot. Believe me it is not easy being as beautiful as those young ladies. . . 

I enjoyed the experience and cannot wait for the next photoshoot and more great behind-the-scene images, and I hope you enjoy them too.

Thank you for sharing your perspective, Devilin.
It certainly was an exhilarating day!
My sincere gratitude to all who contributed their talents and time to this event. I am excited to be able to share the stunning results of our teamwork when we unveil the new Breeziway site!

Our master photographer, Davide Anderson, at work.

As always, all the best,



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