jesGordon's "Party Like a Rock Star"

September 24, 2009

A copy of the recently published book, "Party Like a Rock Star", by jesGordon of Proper Fun arrived this past weekend, and I am flipping through the pages of this colorful, humorous, and informative resource. Jes Gordon shares her decades of experience in the planning and production of special events for celebrities and major corporations with an array of tips for throwing successful parties of all kinds. The presentation is engaging.

I am helping to host a gala event to celebrate the first birthday of my granddaughter this upcoming weekend and finding an abundance of fun ideas. . . . everything from acid jazz (Ohm Guru & Gota) and aphrodisiacs (not relevant to my granddaughter's party, but might come in handy for another occasion . . .) to creating WOW factors. You'll have to buy the book to get in on these suggestions! I love the excellent and easy to access tips/recipes/sugJEStions. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Jes!




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