Paying Homage to Avian Beauty: The artistry and work of Jean Paglius, Valerie Hertzler Neuber, Katherine Plumer & the American Poultry Association

September 27, 2009

The Breeziway venture has brought a better balance to my life; providing a far richer blend of the scientific worlds of biology and psychology with the aesthetics of the miraculous world around us. A recent New York Times review (September 11, 2009) by Benjamin Genocchio of the artistry of photographer, Jean Pagliuso, has reminded me of early stages of research in our venture when I explored the overlap of science and art relevant to avian life.

Ms. Pagliuso's finely-tuned talent has turned in recent years to the natural beauty of birds. Her Poultry Suite shares the amazing images of some species of birds whose feathers we have used in Breeziway designs. Now these gorgeous creatures are just naturally glamorous, aren't they?

We are appreciative of the early support provided by an equally-amazing woman, Valerie Hertzler Neuber of Ferdinands Farm, in New Mexico who is a professional breeder of "Fancy Poultry" and a member of the group of people who raise and show ornamental poultry as an expression of their own talents. Breeziway has used the American Standard of Perfection, published by the American Poultry Association to guide choices of feathers for our designs. Katherine Plumer is the artist behind the amazing drawings in this manual. It has been an interesting venture, indeed.

I hope you will visit the links above to see some of these gorgeous breeds.




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