September 4, 2009

One of my daughters introduced me to Polyvore recently. It took awhile to figure out how to use this new platform for creativity, marketing, community sharing, etc. . . . but the time was well spent. It has become a favorite pastime late at night when too tired to do much else. Does anyone else remember the Colorform Dress-up Sets of long ago? Polyvore is a contemporary, and as the Internet provides, limitless venue for creative expression that reminds me of that childhood play.


Below are fashion sets, created using Polyvore, that were inspired by Breeziway designs.

The Marnie is one of our most popular designs; one of several Breeziway designs worn to Britain's Royal Ascot this past June. It is used to accessorize two very different looks in the set below.

Carolina has been worn by numerous brides worldwide in its original form as shown below, as well as variants with alternative silk flowers from our studio and different color themes using both natural and dyed feathers. I love the gown and accessories found on Polyvore to go with our basic ivory version of this design.

The Czech Fedora! So, much fun making these. . . . ;)




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