A Customized Lark for Piper's Friend. . .

November 1, 2009

I have been working with Piper on a customized design, using the Lark as inspiration for her friend's bridal headpiece. This piece uses hackle feathers of various shades from diamond white to ivory to create a natural, elegant look, adding almost 4 times the number of feathers as is used to make the Lark. Piper will be adding some bling at the base of the piece that will match the brides other accessories. The final design is shown in the photos below with the open-sweep birdcage veil, which the bride will also be wearing. I am really happy with the end result and, of course, hoping that Piper and the bride are pleased too!

The first set of photos show this design with the featherpiece comb placed horizontally over the veil clip, while the next set show the featherpiece comb placed vertically. The last two photos highlight a couple of the Swarovski crystal accents available in our studio. We have chosen a circular cluster of round crystals and an oval-shaped pave' set accent to coordinate with many styles of jewelry.

Here's hoping you and yours are happy as a lark on this post-Halloween Sunday!



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