Ranjana's Holiday Designs. . .

December 14, 2009

My colleague and friend, Ranjana, will be traveling to her homeland of India during the semester break to recognize the "coming-of-age" of her son and daughter. She will be wearing a sea green silk sari with white and silver embroidery detail. We used various shades of sea green, turquoise and white coquile, schlappen and scalloped-cut turkey flat feathers for her Breeziway design. These gorgeous tones (fashion color of the year for 2010) are accented with a stunning Swarovski piece made of mostly large marquis cut clear crystals and tear drop pearls on silver stamens.

Ranjana will be celebrating New Year's Eve in a black gown, embellished with aborealis sequins. Her complementary Breeziway design is made of black coquile, schlappen and hackle feathers. The accents for this piece are made of onyx and black diamond Swarovski crystals with stamens made of gold glass beads, and Swarovksi aborealis and black diamond bi-cone beads.

It was a pleasure to work on these designs for her. . . hoping she is as happy with the results as I am. Look for photos of Ranjana wearing her Breeziway designs in situ during the new year. She has promised to share!



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