Adair Design 2010/2011 Color Forecast, Video 4 - Phantasmagoria

December 19, 2009

Megan Battistella, using years of experience in design, is sharing the benefits of her current research on color trending via a 7 part series of videos. I am sharing the 4th in this series, Phantasmagoria, which features two Breeziway designs. The full series is available at Megan's business blog, Adair Design. Each video category is accompanied with a free color palette to help inspire our creative ventures in the year ahead: Techno-Velocity, Reflection, Quadrivium, Phantasmagoria, Socio-Cultural, Endurance, and Neoteric.

Thank you, Megan!

Fairy Tales, Myths, Magic and Folklore. With the motion picture release of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Robin Hood" expect consumers to be inspired by the whimsical and surreal.

May your days be ever colorful,



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