Meg's Mint Green Silk Satin, Crystal and Peacock Design

December 20, 2009

Meg was married this past October wearing a mint green gown by Kenneth Pool. She came to us very early in the year to plan her headpiece. This project was a pleasure. We found a silk satin to match her gown fabric, which was sewn over a 6" round buckram form. A Swarovski crystal accent with several planes of crystal formed in a sweeping design was chosen to serve as a base to mimic the spray formed by rare peacock feathers; natural white and silver laced pied peacock eye and sword feathers with herl.

The silver laced pied peacocks originated in the United States in the early 1990's; 3 peafowl of mixed White and India Blue genetics from 3 separate flocks. The blended feather patterns of this breed are varied and provide a beautiful alternative to the more common India Blue breed. We have pied feathers from genetic mixes with other peafowl breeds in our studio. Ask about these options if you would like to consider them for a unique and stunning design.

As always, best of life to you . . . .



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