Oh My Goodness. . . This is so much fun - Thanks, Janel!

January 10, 2010

Last month I shared photos of a large silk flower piece I had made during the summer for a lovely bride-to-be, Janel. This is the same Janel that just shared photos of her wedding day. . . Being ever greedy for feedback, I emailed her with thanks and asked if she had a photo to share from her bachelorette party (more often called, Hens Parties in Australia!).

The Caulfield Cup of Melbourne is one of two major thoroughbred horse races held in Australia. As is the case for most of these events, fashion shows and competitions are long-held traditions. Fashion on the Field is one of these.

I will let Janel share the story in her own words below.

OMG! I cant believe I forgot to tell you about my Hens Day at the races!!!
It was a great day at the Caulfield Cup here in Melbourne. My friends entered me into the "Fashion on the Field" competition as a joke & I had to go out & model my outfit on stage in front of hundreds of ppl!! It was hilarous & all in good fun ... then I found out I made it as a finalist & the grand prize was $50,000!!! I could not believe it!!!

The headpiece you made was absolutely gorgeous, it suited my dress perfectly & I even found some red shoes to match the red rose! I had so many comments about the headpiece I was singing your praises all day. Unfortunately in the end I didn't win the grand prize, but being a finalist & being on stage twice was quite a big achievement. I was even interviewed on national radio after the event! As you can imagine I had a couple glasses of champers before the event so I had a fair bit of dutch courage helping me along:)

I found a site while searching for more information about the Fashion on the Field event and learned a new millinery word, "Hatinator"; a cross between a hat and a fascinator. I think that is what we would have to call Janel's Hens Day topper!

Thanks for sharing the photos and story, Janel. . . so fun!
I really, really want to visit Australia soon, but will
be certain to bring along my own TP.



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