Hat Designer of the Year 2010 Competition. . .

March 1, 2010

The Hat Designer of the Year 2010
In collaboration with Premiere Classe, Paris

Designers must investigate the different aspects of STEAMPUNK and from their research write a short piece (50-100 words) on the directions they would like to explore and develop for the competition. If English is not your first language, please do not worry, as long as we can understand the basic idea of the explanation.

Using your own interpretation of STEAMPUNK, design on paper a small range of 6 hats developing this direction. They can be a mix of men's, wowen's or unisex styles; but must include:
* 2 soft hats - either made using a paper pattern or knitted/crocheted/woven styles.
* 2 blocked hats in straw or felt that could be made in a factory.
* 2 couture pieces in any material, made to a couture level finish of work.

The written explanation and drawings are to be submitted on sheets of A4 size paper and if possible include a swatch of the type of fabric used in each design. Your name, address, e-mail and telephone number must be written on the back of each sheet.

The entries must be received at The Hat Magazine office by the 31st of March 2010.

From the entries received 12 designers will be asked to make up one style from each category, selected by the judges. These hats should arrive in London before the end of May. The 36 hats will then be taken to Paris, to the offices of Premiere Classe, where 6 designers will be chosen and their designs will be displayed at the September show at the Porte de Versailles where the winner will be announced.

The competition is open to all designers, both amateur and professional, anyone who has previously exhibited at Premiere Classe will not be selected.

The Hat Magazine Ltd
170 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU, England

Loads of opportunity this Spring for sharing design ideas!



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