PANTONE's Fall 2010 Fashion Color Forecast

March 23, 2010

Pantone's Fashion Color Report for Fall, 2010 was released mid-February during New York Fashion Week. I have just successfully created a dye for Spring's Tomato Puree and already its time to think about the next season line. The top ten fashion colors for Fall, 2010 are shown below. Turquoise continues in the line-up in the form of Lagoon's slightly greener, rich hue. Gray, muted greens (one with more yellow and one more earthy) and coral (with more pink) live on as variants of the Spring, 2010 line-up. I *really* like the plum-toned, deep brown called Chocolate Truffle. I wonder how much the name has to do with this!

  • Endive -- Pantone 13-0632 (fresh yellow-green)
  • Golden Glow -- Pantone 15-1050 (warm and bold golden yellow)
  • Living Coral -- Pantone 16-1546 (bright pink-orange blend)
  • Lipstick Red -- Pantone 19-1764 (deep red)
  • Purple Orchid -- Pantone 18-3027 (bright purple)
  • Chocolate Truffle -- Pantone 19-1526 (deep brown with plum undertone)
  • Lagoon -- Pantone 16-5418 (tropical bluish-green)
  • Woodbine -- Pantone 18-0538 (earthy olive green)
  • Oyster Gray -- Pantone 14-1107 (soft gray neutral)
  • Rose Dust -- Pantone 14-1307 (pinkish-beige neutral

You heard it here . . .

"Fur and feathers, man, its a theme!" says Shenae Grimes after viewing the NYC Fashion Week runway shows for Fall, 2010.

I do love the reference to feathers, not sure about the fur.

Maybe I need to mention that our gorgeous
avian friends are not harmed for the purpose of creating Breeziway headpieces. . . We totally respect and appreciate their natural beauty, and like to think that our work in some way
honors their beauty.



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