An Isabella Blow Biopic in the works. . .

May 31, 2010

One of my favorite designers, John Galliano, will be playing himself is a movie about Isabella Blow. The video below will help those of you unfamiliar with Isabella Blow to understand the potential this venture has to be a gripping illumination of a life that was characterized by great highs and lows. The life paths of recently deceased, Alexander McQueen, and Isabella Blow intersected in a profound way, which may have influenced the tragic end of each of their lives.

I hope the movie will be a respectful and sensitive human portrayal of the poignant relationship that may exist between creativity and angst. . . and an honest self-reflection of the character of the fashion industry (cf. Deborah Orr: Isabella Blow's death revealed the dark heart of the fashion industry).

Here's to a well-written screen-play of Isabella Blow's life, directed and acted with talent and compassion.



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