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November 6, 2010

I just noticed this recent blog entry at the "Rules of Engagement" blog. I love the range of suggestions for satisfying that 'something' blue tradition, including our Breeziway Marnie!

Monday’s Montage: Something Blue

We’ve all heard the saying, “”Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe” and if you’re a classic bride then you will probably want to follow the tradition for good luck. According to an article called, ” Wedding Tradition: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” on Ezine articles, “the color blue has been connected to weddings for centuries as a symbol of love, modesty, fidelity, good luck, purity and loyalty.”

When I got married it seemed the new thing was to use a blue garter belt, and I unenthusiastically partook in the overdone trend. I wish now that I had done something a bit more personal and thus memorable. If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect blue accent, consider one of these more unique options. Dress things up with a simple pop of color surrounded by pave diamonds in a pair of sapphire earrings, or in a sapphire ring. For the more daring, “Carrie Bradshaw-esque” bride, take a risk with a blue feather headpiece and tie it in with a beautiful pair of fancy blue shoes and a sparkly blue purse. If your bridesmaid dresses are blue, consider harmonizing by adding a matching sash of the same color to your gown. A soft blue bolero would also provide a great cover-up for a fall or winter wedding, as well as give a romantic touch to your attire. Finally, if you want a small accent, just add a blue ring-bearer pillow into the mix at your ceremony. You’re “something blue” is a fun and easy opportunity to add a touch of fun to your big day while also participating in a timeless tradition.

1. Poetic License “Mistletoe Kisses” blue shoe from Lori’s Designer Shoes and Accessories (top left).

2. Round blue sapphire pave stud earrings from David Levy Diamonds and Fine Jewels (top left center).

3. Ring Bearer Pillow from Emerson Made (top right center).

4. Blue purse by Moyna from Lori’s Designer Shoes and Accessories (top right).

5. Blue sash from The Dressing Room (bottom left).

6. Cushion cut sapphire with micro-pave ring from David Levy Diamonds and Fine Jewels (bottom left center).

7. Blue feather headpiece from Breeziway (bottom right center).

8. Blue bolero from Mary and Angelika’s shop (bottom right).

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.
I am off soon to see "Red 2010". . . From one color to the next!



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