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December 29, 2010

It makes my heart soar to see a growing interest in millinery arts (i.e. hats!) in the states. We are allowing ourselves a limitless avenue of personal expression with this renewed fashion statement! My daughter shared this recent posting on Not only did I enjoy reading the comments about this lovely chapeau (probably made of silk chiffon). I lost myself in exploration of an eclectic array of fascinating stories. I will be adding this site to my newsletter list.

Teal Or No Teal
Aukland, NZ, December 26: A punter looks on during the Boxing Day Race carnival at Ellerslie Racecourse. These pictures always make me wish I had a fancy hat wardrobe, except I look weird in hats.
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Thinking of the warm, spring days now being experienced by our friends on the other side of the planet with some envy. . . and our friends experiencing harsh conditions along the Eastern seaboard of the states with concern.

Whether Chiffon or Wool Felt. . . enjoy your head-topper expression
and be safe everyone!



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