Royal Holiday Fascinators. . .

December 31, 2010

Now we don our gay apparel . . . shares photos of British royal women (sans Kate Middleton) in their holiday attire. Love the fascinator hats! Other sources say that Prince William was at work with his search and rescue crew in North Wales, as Kate enjoyed the Christmas holiday with her parents in Berkshire, England.

For a few minutes there, Sophie, Countess of Wessex got the Middleton treatment and her every thread was scrutinized. And I gotta say, the woman can wear a hat like no one else in the current extended family. A little 30s, a touch Tyrol, a lot of weird: royal perfection.

The bad news: we have no Kate Middleton for ya. The good news: her future cousins rock a hat. Indeed, I find myself wishing Princess Eugenie had kept the rest of it simpler to let the topper shine.

Ditto Beatrice. Plenty of us commoners would love a chance — hell, a mandate — to wear a jaunty hat: for our sake, make it count.
Why not create your own mandate to wear a jaunty hatinator?



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