Dr. Rosalyn's Custom Gardenia . . . .

April 19, 2011

Florists often discourage brides from using gardenias in their bouquet palette. They do require extra attention when creating a collection of flowers; their short stems are typically mounted to an extension. Also, they may brown when handled excessively. With reasonably gentle handling, however, they contribute hours of velvety elegance and unsurpassed fragrance to a bride's immediate wedding experience. I have used gardenias successfully in my own arrangements. They are among my favorite flowers, and I feel badly when brides who love them too are discouraged from having what they want. This was my motivation for creating the design for our gardenias, handmade of Duchess silk satin.

We had a rushed order last month for an April 1st wedding. Dr. Rosalyn, a lover of this classic blossom and denied of her wish for a gardenia bouquet, asked us to make a Gardenia headpiece for her. We were thrilled to hear from her upon the happy couple's return from their honeymoon this past, and I want to share the photos she sent.

Our basic Gardenia headpiece sports a small tulle ruffle that softens one side. Rosalyn's single shoulder gown was accented with a gorgeous satin flower, so we decided to encircle the gardenia of her headpiece in tulle to create a more symmetrical accent to her gown.

What a radiantly, gorgeous bride!

Thank you, Rosalyn, for sharing these moments with us. It was a pleasure to work with you. . .

Our best wishes for the marriage of your dreams,



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