Monique Lhuillier's Fedora - Spring RTW, 2010

December 23, 2009

I have been relaxing this evening with after a busy day and enjoying visuals of the Spring ready-to-wear collections of the usual line-up of designers. The house of Monique Lhuillier has topped off most of her collection with what looks to be a Panama fedora. The collection of gowns/dresses is fantastic, but I am not so sure what statement is meant by pairing the fedora with the cocktail dress, full-length gowns, and pert suit (could it be, "we just don't care"? or "we just don't know what to do"? or "the options available are just too few to bother"?).
I would love the chance to design real complements to these eye-catching options. . . . a new black and gold crystal, and feather design for the first two (imagining a design with a long stripped feather barb for the first), Lynelle with the suit and fetching black and white gown or a new black and white feather piece made of pheasant, and for the last two dresses that rock with the fedora - why not go with the sassy attitude of our peacock and black crystal fedora?

Why is it that relatively few designers give serious attention to our heads? Doesn't 'the seat of what makes us who we are' (spoken like a true neuroscientist) deserve as much attention as our torsos and feet?

Diana Moldovan
Photos: Marcio Madeira

Lynelle. . .

Peacock and Black Crystal Fedora. . .

Hope you are enjoying the end-of-year festivities in your own special way,



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